Florida Law Regulates When You Can Start Working as a Chiropractor With Your Own Business


Gaining licensure to become a chiropractor is no small feat. Many new chiropractors are ready to jump into starting their own chiropractic clinic, while others prefer to work for other companies before they branch out on their own.

The choice you make should be based on your circumstances, personality, and long-term goals. It should also center on what is legally allowed in the state of Florida.

Licensed Chiropractors May Start Their Own Clinic

For chiropractors ready to start their own business, there is no Florida law standing in the way. In fact, as a fully licensed and active chiropractor, you are one of the few people in the state of Florida who can legally hire other chiropractors.

In fact, a Florida statute explicitly states that, with few exceptions, a chiropractor may not work as an employee or an independent contractor for any corporation, person, or limited liability company that is not owned by an active and licensed chiropractor.

Exceptions include businesses owned by physicians, hospitals, a clinic affiliated with a chiropractic school, a publicly traded corporation, a nonprofit, an insurance company, a HMO clinic, or a healthcare clinic that also employs other doctors.

This list of exceptions may seem to cover all scenarios, but it does limit the abilities of small businesses owned by non-physicians from hiring chiropractors. The purpose is to ensure the ability of the chiropractor to engage in their scope of practice without undue influence from a company owner that may not be familiar with the law or chiropractic care.

Avoid Chiropractor Lawsuits

The best way to avoid chiropractor lawsuits based on an employer’s status will vary by state. Many Florida chiropractors don’t realize that there are laws limiting whom they can work for.

If you are facing a lawsuit due to your employer and would like help, reach out to Florida Healthcare Law Firm today.