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Take Florida Medicare Audit Seriously and Seek Legal Help from Pros

If you are a physician, hospital administrator or other licensed healthcare providers working in the Sunshine State, then you are likely familiar with the routine, but still serious, Florida medicare audit. Many times, this can result in an overpayment of claims, which can be costly. You need to be armed with the tools and counsel that can avoid claim denials or overpayments…you need the team at Florida Healthcare Law Firm. From RACs to CERTs and Probes, we know the rules and regulations and make it our business to be on top of trends and changing requirements. Experience shows that if you are in the unfortunate predicament of being evaluated, it is much better to have an attorney present to ensure a successful outcome. What’s more, most experts agree that it is wisest to retain an attorney before the problem arises. You may be able to avoid the situation entirely. At the very least, we will ensure that you and your practice survive the process in one piece.

If you are visited by a Florida medicare auditor, we suggest you take the situation seriously. The extrapolation factor is a case in point. For example, even if only 40 claims are assessed with a 25% denial rate, this could be evidence enough for full denial of all claims from that period. Such drastic measures could be enough to shut down an entire practice. Don’t put yourself, your reputation and your livelihood in jeopardy. Contact us within 30 days of receipt of your demand letter. With 150 years’ collective experience, we can get the process started with a full diagnostic of your practice. We will guide you through and keep your business viable until a satisfactory result is achieved. And even if these pinpointed services aren’t used daily or weekly or even monthly, our full spectrum of resources, including free webinars and frequent healthcare legal blogs, are available to you 24/7. Protect yourself and contact Florida Healthcare Law Firm today to plan for and understand better the ramifications of claim assessment.