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3 Ways to Prepare for a Compliance & Regulatory Services Consult

compliance and regulatory servicesAt our health law firm, we offer complete and thorough compliance and regulatory services consults. Here’s how we ask our new clients to prepare for our visits. 

At the Florida Healthcare Law Firm, we meet with hospital, health plan, and clinic executives every day. We build audit schedules that work, and we conduct training programs to keep staff on track. 

While we’re both quick and efficient, we do rely on our clients to prepare for visits from the health law firm. Here’s what we ask all new clients to do. 

  1. Collect All Compliance & Regulatory Services Training Materials 

A lack of staff training often leads to privacy or other legal violations. To conduct an analysis and ensure we’re building the right plan, we must know how you’re working with new staff. 

We’d like to see these documents:

  • Employee manuals 
  • HIPAA training documents 
  • Staff evaluation forms 

Anything you’ve given your staff to help them learn the rules is appropriate for our study and perusal. 

  1. Gather Important Staff to Meet With the Health Law Firm 

We’ll conduct an initial discussion with a leader within the organization. But at some point, we’ll want to talk with plenty of people in charge. 

We might want to speak to these people:

  • IT manager
  • HIPAA compliance officer 
  • Human resources director 
  • Marketing director 

We might also like to talk with anyone who trains new employees or negotiates contracts on your behalf. Knowing who these people are right now and ensuring they’re available to speak with the health law firm will save time.

  1. Document Past Legal Issues 

One medical malpractice payout happens every 43 minutes in the United States. If you’ve had difficulty with compliance and regulatory services in the past, you’re not alone. And we’ll want to know everything about what went wrong. 

Pull together any documentation related to your past lawsuits, including summons information, payouts, and defense strategies. We’ll also want to know what you’ve done to prevent similar problems in the future.

We Are Here to Help 

Consider us the health law firm in Florida. Our talented and experienced team is here to help organizations both large and small, and it’s easy to get started. Schedule a consultation today.