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Regulatory Compliance

We’re not just the best at what we do – our commitment to you and your needs sets us apart from all other law firms in this industry.

Physicians & Private Practice. Health Systems & Startups.
Pharmacy Compliance. Laboratory Transactions.

We Do It All

Nearly everything our clients want to do is regulated by State and Federal laws. We make sure our clients know what the regulatory compliance obstacles are and how to succeed as a healthcare business in this landscape.

One of the things our Firm is known for is the ability to deliver simple and efficient support on complex issues. We routinely structure professional relationships that protect our clients’ best interests.

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Physicians and healthcare business owners face unique regulations as they purchase or sell practices or ancillary businesses. Our experienced lawyers will ensure that the transaction goes smoothly for the healthcare provider and the acquiring party.

One of the universally accepted beliefs about healthcare in our country is that it should cost less than it currently does. Hence the Triple Aim objectives of the federal government as it navigates to incentivize the delivery of care that is demonstrably high quality at a reduced price. This is one of the greatest drivers behind rapidly evolving business sectors like healthcare technology (e.g. robotics) and IT (e.g. EMR). Beyond that, telehealth is emerging at an increasingly rapid pace as the nexus between medical care, technology and cost savings.

Pharmacy Law

The Florida Healthcare Law Firm is uniquely positioned to help your pharmacy with all of its pharmacy law and PBM needs.

Durable Medical Equipment Providers

Attention to detail through the entire process of offering Durable Medical Equipment Prosthetics &

Health Law For Chiropractors

Starting your own chiropractic practice is an exciting way way to take the practice of medicine

Continuing Care

The legal issues facing continuing care providers today range from increased liability to claims of poor communications at care transitions

Technology Law & Medical Devices

Most businesses will run into technology needs at some point, whether it is for setting up a computer network, publishing a website, licensing

Dental Law

The legal issues facing dentists today range from complex regulatory compliance hurdles to ownership structure of dental practices

Laboratory Compliance

It is more essential than ever for clinical laboratories to enforce regulation, have a compliance plan in place and develop or enhance operational policies.

Payor Issues

Support for in-network and out-of-network providers. Payors of all kinds have an obligation to monitor the community for fraud & abuse.


Although our physical office is located in Florida, we serve clients all over the country. With constantly improving technology we’ve learned that it’s just as effective to serve nationwide clients as it is Florida clients.

Acupuncture Law

As access to insurance coverage becomes available and alternative medical treatments gain mainstream acceptance, the acupuncture industry has evolved into a more formal piece of the healthcare continuum.

Outside General Counsel Services

A fractional or virtual General Counsel is similar to fractional ownership of a jet. Almost all of the benefits of owning a private jet, without the cost.

Benefits Working With Us?

We bring the right people together to challenge established thinking and drive transformation.

Compliance With Laws & Regulations