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Technology Law & Medical Devices

Technology Law

Most businesses will run into technology needs at some point, whether it is for setting up a computer network, publishing a website, licensing proprietary software (inventory, billing, accounting, etc.), transferring medical data, or other operational needs. These technology agreements are comprised of legal language that requires technology law expertise to properly address issues such as the authorized use, reproduction, intellectual property rights, and HIPAA/HITECH.

Technology Law

In many cases, the burden is on the technology user to use the technology as specifically prescribed in the agreement; straying from the confines of the agreement could yield legal claims against a user. We can assist you with reviewing, drafting, and negotiating your technology agreements.
Examples of technology law agreements:

• Software licensing
• Software purchase
• Website Terms of Use/ Privacy Policies
• Data Transfer
• Consulting
• SaaS
• Statements of Work
• NDAs
• Web development

Intellectual Property Law

We provide full coverage intellectual property law services, whether you’re collaborating on a medical device or you’ve received a cease & desist letter and need guidance on common law rights or require support for allegations of dilution in the marketplace.