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Bonnie Cunningham


About Me

“Efficient, detail oriented and driven bookeeping professional.”

Bonnie Cunningham is a driven financial leader who exerts her skills in bookkeeping, strategic financial planning, HR and Payroll. Bonnie’s current position is bookkeeper where she maintains and helps keep the business financials. Prior to working for FHLF, Bonnie worked with a large group of doctors who specialize in gastroenterology and were affiliated with outpatient centers in the area. Bonnie has 15 years of experience in bookkeeping and human resources, and worked her way from bookkeeper to director of finance at her previous employer. Bonnie thrives on challenges, especially those that expand on a company’s reach. Bonnie has been described as the strength and the focus in the financial department for companies she has worked for. Furthermore, Bonnie studied business English and continues to further her scope of knowledge in finances and human resources.