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Can Chiropractors offer Direct Primary Care Agreements to their Patients?

Prepared by: Carlos Arce, Esq. Florida Healthcare Law Firm With the uncertainties of personal injury protection benefits (“PIP”) lurking, providers who focus their practice on PIP, are thinking of the
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Has Private Equity Turned Its Sights to IV Hydration Therapy?

Physician, dental, and veterinarian practices have all gone through the run of private equity roll-ups. But are PE-Backed Firms now focusing their funds on cash-pay, elective wellness services? If recent
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What role does a lawyer play in a transaction?

A lawyer’s primary role in a dental practice transition is to protect their client’s interest, whether as the buyer or seller. Most importantly, its important for a lawyer to ensure
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Florida Long-Term Care Pharmacy Law

Florida pharmacists are bound by pharmacy law that is designed to protect patients from potentially dangerous medicine combinations and protect the public from drug diversion. Learn more here.
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Biggest Pitfalls in practice transactions

Buying or selling a practice can be one of the highlights of your professional career. At the same time, for some, its their biggest investments while for others it’s the
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How Medical Technology Impacts the Law

Advancements in medical technology help proved the medical community with the resources we need to assess the needs of a patient or practice, accurately and quickly. Once that is concluded,
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Dentist Malpractice Law

Dental malpractice laws in Florida regulate the professional conduct of dentists and help to ensure that patients receive proper care. The statutes regarding malpractice law for the dental profession evolve
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Fraud & Abuse Healthcare Law

Fraud and healthcare shouldn't go hand in hand. But improper paperwork, unusual relationships, and greed can get you into legal trouble. Find out about typical cases and what you should do.
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Florida Health MQA Online Services

The Florida MQA Online Services Portal is an easy and accessible option for healthcare professionals who are seeking to keep up with all the requirements that come with maintaining licensure
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What Is Religious Exemption Form in Florida?

Getting a religious exemption form in the state of Florida may be the first step to avoid having your child vaccinated if it is required at an educational or other
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