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Randy Goldberg


About Me

“I love working with businesses, especially those associated with the healthcare industry in meeting all of their legal, compliance and regulatory needs.”


  • Randy Goldberg has been practicing law for over twenty years primarily in Florida with a focus in healthcare, business, corporate governance, and related litigation. In addition to his diverse experience as an attorney, Randy Goldberg has served as Chief Legal Counsel and corporate executive at a national healthcare company; Assistant General Counsel for a multi-state Medicare based practice (with over 40 locations); and outside counsel to numerous other healthcare and non-healthcare companies. The scope of his representation include, but is not limited to: corporate governance, compliance, human resources, administrative investigations, mergers & acquisitions, contracting, related litigation, and other associated areas. This experience coupled with over twenty (20) years of experience as a law enforcement executive and commander, provide Randy Goldberg with a dynamic perspective and unique skills which is a valuable asset to his clients.

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