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A Business Law Lawyer in Florida: A Healthcare Organization’s Best Friend

business law lawyer floridaDon’t face legal challenges alone. A business law lawyer can help you address problems head on, and together, you can craft programs to help you avoid future headaches. Learn how.

Far too many healthcare organizations believe they can head off legal challenges (or prevent them from cropping up in the first place) without the help of a business law lawyer. 

As one of the top firms offering business law lawyers in Florida, we’re here to tell you this just isn’t true. 

Every healthcare organization deserves competent, qualified legal counsel. Those that invest in help tend to experience far fewer complications than their counterparts do. 

Let us explain. 

3 Cringeworthy Medical Law Examples 

A business law lawyer is concerned with the ins and outs of the way you run your organization. The details may seem small and insignificant. But get them wrong, and the consequences can be severe.

Here are three recent examples any executive would be wise to study:

  1. Data sharing: A medical center in Chicago formed a partnership with Google to explore how technology could uncover hidden medical conditions. Patients allege that the documentation shared violated their privacy. 
  2. Crisis management: A hospital in Iowa faced many different lawsuits coming right after the other. The team allegedly attempted to bury the news, which became a reputation problem. 
  3. Employee spending: A hospital in Kentucky held back money from paychecks to cover health insurance premiums. Officials allegedly used the money for other purposes. 

In some of these examples, a business law lawyer could have averted disaster. In others, counsel could clean up the mess and prevent future problems. 

How to Hire a Business Law Lawyer 

Plenty of legal professionals specialize in the details of corporate affairs. But medical teams need a little bit more. The rules and regulations that surround healthcare are obtuse, and an expert can do more than a novice. 

If you need help from a business law lawyer in Florida, consider our firm. We have decades of combined experience in serving hospitals, health plans, and other affiliated clinics. We’d love to talk with you.