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What Is Acupuncture File Law in Florida?

According to the Florida Board of Acupuncture, there are a number of requirements for would-be acupuncturists and acupuncture physicians to complete before they can legally practice acupuncture in the state.

However, too often, some medical professionals and nonprofessionals attempt to practice acupuncture in the state of Florida without the proper education and certifications.

The good news is that patients are protected by acupuncture file law in Florida.

Are There Laws in Florida Governing Acupuncture Practitioners?

Yes. Florida requires all acupuncture physicians to have completed a four-year course of study in acupuncture and Chinese medicine at a school that meets Florida Board of Acupuncture standards.

The degree program must include:

  • At least 2,700 hours of supervised instruction.
  • 20 hours in Florida statutes and rules.
  • 15 hours on universal precautions.
  • 3 hours of HIV/AIDS education.
  • 2 hours of medical error education.

Additionally, the acupuncture professional is required to have 60 undergraduate college credits, be a legal alien or resident of the U.S., and pass a written Florida examination for licensure.

Can Other Doctors Practice Acupuncture in Florida Legally?

Yes. Chiropractors with at least 100 hours of training, and osteopaths and medical doctors without any special training, may also practice acupuncture in Florida.

What Is Acupuncture File Law in Florida?

Acupuncture file law provides a way to track reports filed against physicians who practice acupuncture. In the event that they breach protocol, are found to be without the required licensure and training, or otherwise step out of bounds in their practice, a report may be filed so the Florida Board of Acupuncture can respond appropriately.

Florida acupuncture file law makes it easy for healthcare businesses that work with acupuncture physicians to ensure that their partners are keeping patients safe and practice ethically.

If you would like to learn more about how acupuncture file law may impact your business, contact us at Florida Healthcare Law Firm today to set up a consultation.