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Attention Med Spa Providers: Are you Being Compliantly Supervised? 

In Florida, when a practitioner provides specialty health care services, such as dermatologic or aesthetic and cosmetic skin services, that practitioner must be supervised by, or collaborate with a Florida licensed physician who is board certified in either dermatology or plastic surgery. Furthermore, that practitioner’s supervising physician may only one office, in addition to the physicians primary practice location and the office in which the physician supervises must be within 25 miles of the physician’s primary place of practice or in a county that is contiguous to the county of the physician’s primary place of practice. However, the distance between any of the offices may not exceed 75 miles. The office being supervised must also A physician who supervises an office in addition to the physician’s primary practice location must conspicuously post in each of the physician’s offices a current schedule of the regular hours when the physician is present in that office and the hours when the office is open while the physician is not present. Whether you are a supervising physician or are a midlevel provider who collaborates with a physician to operate your medspa, it’s important to ensure that this relationship is compliant to avoid any unwanted regulatory scrutiny.