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Inheritance Law in Florida

Overall, laws dictating how a decedent’s estate will be dispersed among those who are left behind can get complicated, especially if there is no will in place. In Florida, the
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What Is the Main Intent of the Stark Laws?

The Stark Law is easily explained. Essentially, it is similar to the Anti-Kickback Statutes that protect patients from fraudulent referrals for treatment that is not medically necessary. It also protects
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What Is Regulatory Compliance in Healthcare?

Maintaining compliance is a critical factor for healthcare companies and those who work in the healthcare industry. Many federal laws and statutes not only define what it means to be
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Is NSO a Good Malpractice Insurance?

While no one wants to be in this situation, the right insurance can make all the difference when malpractice complaints are filed. It is not just doctors who struggle with
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Avoiding PIP Billing Litigation with Proper AHCA Licensing 

 Prepared by: Carlos Arce, Esq.  Florida Healthcare Law Firm   It is a well settled presumption in Florida that healthcare providers can own a medical practice without the need for obtaining
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Article By: CARR Leases and lease renewals are not typically conducted on a level playing field. After all, the landlord is in the real estate business and most doctors are
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 The Downside of Doing Commercial Real Estate Yourself 

Article By: CARR Healthcare Real Estate by CARR  Are you one of the rare healthcare providers or administrators who understands how much is at stake in commercial real estate negotiations?
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How to Deal With Online Defamation

Between Yelp, Google, Facebook, and various online forums dedicated to providing customer reviews to help consumers make educated choices, medical professionals and clinics are open to very public criticism. In
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Nurse Patient Abandonment

To a nurse who simply needs to handle a personal emergency or leave her current position for a new job, severing a relationship with a patient may seem like a
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How to Evaluate a Lawyer for your Healthcare Business

Choosing a lawyer to help you start your healthcare business is a big decision. We want you to make the right one. Here’s a list of questions to ask before
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