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4 Questions to Ask Before Buying Medical Malpractice Insurance in Florida

As a medical professional, it’s crucial to protect yourself when things go wrong. Most people get that protection through medical malpractice insurance coverage. Florida has very specific rules and regulations about your plans, and ignorance isn’t a defense. If you break the rules, you will be liable.

Working with an expert is always wise, when you’re hoping to buy medical malpractice insurance. Florida Healthcare Law Firm specializes in helping clients buy the right policies at the right time.

These are four questions we can help you answer:

1. Do I Need Medical Malpractice Insurance in Florida?

Most doctors, surgeons, and other healthcare professionals need some kind of insurance coverage. But there are exceptions.

For example, if you’re a medical professional employed by a federal agency, you may not need coverage. The federal government will handle that for you. Similarly, some private companies offer coverage during employment negotiations.

A lawyer can walk through your agreements and help you understand when you absolutely must buy.

2. What Kind of Insurance Do I Need?

The American College of Physicians points out the baffling array of shopping choices available to anyone looking for malpractice insurance.

Those choices include:

  • Type. Claims-made policies cover incidents that took place when the policy is in effect, and the policy must be in effect when the claim is filed. Occurrence policies cover events that took place when the policy was in effect, no matter when the claim is filed.
  • Expenses covered. Some policies will take care of everything. Others leave out fees related to punitive damages and liability for sexual misconduct.
  • Risks covered. If you’re exposed due to cyber issues, some policies will pay and others will not.

A lawyer can walk through these issues and help you make a smart choice.

3. Am I Getting a Good Deal?

Shopping for coverage isn’t easy when you’re also caring for patients. Looking for the right mix of costs and benefits can eat away at the time you need to do your job.

Lawyers look at policies day in and day out, and they’re adept at helping their clients make smart purchase decisions.

4. Does This Policy Meet Florida Statutes?

Florida laws require medical professionals to have coverage, but the language in these bills is complex and hard to parse. A medical professional could get coverage, only to find that it’s not enough to meet the requirements in those bills.

And statutes are filled with requirements regarding escrow accounts, and those can be separate from malpractice coverage.

A lawyer can help to address those issues too. After a supervisory look, a legal professional could help ensure that the policy you buy, and other steps you make, are fully compliant with the law.

At Florida Healthcare Law Firm, we’re prepared to look over any policy you’re considering and counsel you on your purchase decision. Contact us to find out more.