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Facebook Advertising No-No’s for Healthcare Businesses

Amanda Howard, Esq.

Facebook has a long list of things it doesn’t allow to be posted. While some things are obvious, others are not. And what gets flagged may be confusing to posters. That’s not surprising, as Facebook is known for using bots to review ads for denial or approval. The problem with using bots is that bots may flag suspicious information, and only a human can understand the true context of it. Fortunately, if you appeal a decision to deny your ad, Facebook will usually allow for human review. To bypass this and just for better practices, before your practice or business posts an ad on Facebook, be aware of what’s not allowed on Facebook to lessen your chances of being denied:

  1. You generally can’t talk about drugs. Illegal drugs are an absolute no-no, and so are prescription drugs. Talk about over-the-counter drugs is subject to strict guidelines.
  1. Facebook blocks “adult content” and “adult products and services.” Facebook has rejected ads related to sexual health issues, including reproductive health products/services, in some instances with good reason and others not. This is a situation in which making sure a bot isn’t the final decision-maker is important. 
  2. Facebook blocks “unsafe substances,” including anabolic steroids, DHEA, Ephedra and human growth hormones. While some of these substances are illegal, others, like DHEA, are not and help produce hormones which some individuals may medically need.  
  3. Facebook blocks “negative ad experiences,” meaning ads can’t draw attention to beauty or health conditions as such wording or imaging may create unexpected experiences.
  4. Facebook blocks sensationalized language and language bait. Be wary of posting ads that say things like “7-ways to change your life” or “5 ways to cut 1 lb a day.”
  5. Facebook also blocks personal attributes, such as an ad that talks about physical or mental health or condition. Stay away from wording like “Have you been diagnosed with cancer? Come to our clinic for treatment.”

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