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Florida Abortion Law

Florida is one of two states that block abortions after 15 weeks’ gestation. While 15 weeks, or a little beyond the first trimester, may seem like plenty of time to make the decision and undergo the procedure, the law does not provide exceptions for pregnancies that came about due to rape, incest, or sex trafficking.

Only about 2 percent of abortions in the state of Florida occurred after the 15-week mark in 2019, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and AP News. The populations most likely to be impacted negatively by the law are those who need time to put together the money to pay for an abortion, those who are so young or unhealthy that they do not realize they are pregnant until after the 15-week mark, and those who are in domestic violence situations and may need time to set up the appointment and cover the cost.

How Will the New Abortion Law Affect Physicians in Florida?

The situation is a difficult one for doctors as well as for the women who may be in need of an abortion in Florida. Physicians who break the law and provide an abortion outside of the terms and conditions face a fine of $10,000 for each violation and the possibility of losing their medical license.

Keeping Up With the Laws

It is a good idea to stay abreast of updates as the laws regarding abortion continue to change in Florida. A contingent of the population and some officials holding office are working hard to change the laws, calling them a violation of the state constitution.

If the current iteration of the law contrasts with your current policy, changing that policy will help you to stay within the bounds of the law. Updating all standards and convening a meeting of the entire staff will help to ensure that patients are getting the same information from all employees at every level.

How Do I Respond to Litigation or Notices From the State Regarding the Florida Abortion Law?

If you have received a notice from the state or have been served legal paperwork due to an alleged violation of the abortion law in Florida, it is important to connect with legal help as soon as possible.

At the Florida Healthcare Law Firm, we focus solely on serving the medical community in South Florida. We can help you keep up with the changes in abortion law as well as changes in all laws that impact your clinic, office, employees, and patients. Additionally, we can help you to overhaul your business plan to support the legal changes. Should you face charges along the way, we can help you to address the situation proactively.

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