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Florida Healthcare Law Firm Offers Telehealth & Teledentistry Advisement During Covid-19 Pandemic

Florida Healthcare Law Firm is offering advisement by way of webinars to dentists and dental professionals during the Covid-19 pandemic. The firm, which offers legal assistance to medical professionals and businesses, is working in the dental law field and assisting professionals who are currently not working due to the coronavirus so that they can continue to provide assistance to their patients. With education top of mind for the firm, the telehealth and teledentistry campaign is to inform dental professionals on how to directly stay in contact with patients and offer services via audiovisual telecommunications.

“The coronavirus has hit our country hard and most small businesses. Dentistry is at the top of the list and even though dental law is one of our top fields, we wanted to make sure that we adapted to the times and offered a reliable service to our clients and those in the field impacted by this pandemic. Technology allows doctors to connect with patients from anywhere in the world and knowing that you can reach a medical professional who you’ve trusted for years is important, especially right now.” Florida Healthcare Law Firm Representative. “Although dental services have been deemed “non-essential business,” we know how important dental health is. Patients will still have dental questions or concerns during the office shut-downs.”

Because telemedicine is not a service usually offered by dentist offices, many doctors and business owners are finding it difficult to adjust and offer remote service. The law firm has stepped in and is offering free information webinars and other forms of digital content which can provide clarity and guidance for these small businesses so that they can stay open and provide care for their patients. With a limitation elective services, as well as many in the public not wanting to leave their homes right now, telehealth provides a bridge where patients can still get reliable care and advisement from someone they trust.

One example of telehealth in the dental world is orthodontists answering questions about maintenance for patients with braces. “If you have a patient who just got braces, their parents are going to have questions and need guidance on what their kids can and cannot do. Everything from if they have discomfort, what to eat, how to brush their teeth, flossing and so forth. There are plenty of questions if you are not familiar with braces and you do not want your patients to feel like they have no where to turn to or have to rely on information they find online. You want to be there for your patients, and we can help you accomplish that during this challenging time.

The Florida Healthcare Law Firm strives to continue to provide free information for healthcare professionals like breaking news, important government updates that affect the medical industry and even how to adapt to this “new normal” during covid-19. Our board certified healthcare attorneys are available for phone calls, virtual meetings and are operating virtually to serve our clients needs.