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In Florida Medical Attorney Advice Can Save Your Healthcare Practice Money

Florida Medical AttorneyFor healthcare professionals, who want the best legal from an experienced Florida medical attorney, contact Florida Healthcare Law Firm and save money as you navigate the legal complexities of operating a practice or facility.

The field of medicine is indeed a marriage of technology and humanity…science and art. But the reality for most practicing physicians is the day to day number crunching and looming complexities of navigating the legal and financial burdens of operating an office or hospital. A recent article in the AMA’s Journal of Ethics cited the burgeoning cost of healthcare, the confusion of understanding the cost, the puzzlement of interpreting the vocabulary of insurance firms and the need for physicians to “take ownership of their clinical decisions.” In Florida, healthcare practitioners or administrators who seriously want to get a handle on their earnings, costs and operations management expenses should employ the best medical attorney available,and Florida Healthcare Law Firm is the source for superb legal counseling and a team who cares about, and focuses on, healthcare providers exclusively.

Perhaps you are looking to negotiate a managed care contract, start a treatment center, obtain a license for DME, sell or buy a healthcare business, defend yourself against a ZPIC audit (typically initiated by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid), hire or terminate a physician in your practice or implement new and complex policies and procedures. Perhaps you simply need guidance in creating a legally binding employee handbook for your healthcare staff. In each of these cases in Florida and throughout the nation, our unparalleled team of legal experts can help you. Every medical attorney we employ is solely focused and trained in the area of healthcare law. With 150 years’ combined experience, we know our ‘stuff.’ Imagine the unnecessary costs you could incur without trained legal counsel as you make these difficult decisions. Imagine the time wasted that could be better spent with your patients. We offer free consultations, flat-fee pricing and a money-back guarantee because we know that our record of success, accountability and transparency will boost your business. Contact Florida Healthcare Law Firm today to save your practice time and money.