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How to Respond to Medical Board Complaints

When a complaint is filed with the Florida Medical Board, the Board responds by sending a letter to the physician in question.

This first step starts a time clock that ensures the complaint is handled expeditiously, so it is important for physicians to respond in a timely manner. However, it is recommended that they do not respond until they have the advice of a legal team that understands the ins and outs of the medical, dental, and pharmaceutical industries.

If you have been sent a letter indicating that a complaint has been filed against you with the Florida Medical Board, reach out to Florida Healthcare Law Firm today.

What Do I Do if I Receive a Complaint Through the Florida State Medical Board?

First things first, relax. Receiving a complaint does not automatically mean that heavy fines, a business shutdown, or suspension of your license is pending. It is important to take it seriously but not to allow panic to get the better of you.

Getting legal support should be your first move since it means you will have advice that is specific to your circumstances. You’ll also get assistance meeting all the deadlines. The timeline can be 20 to 45 days depending on the license you hold.

Tips for Responding to a Medical Board Complaint

  • Do not ignore it. There are time clocks that are triggered when a complaint is filed. It is important that you respond before that time clock runs out, or it could mean automatic fines, license suspicion, and/or legal proceedings.
  • Do not respond without legal advice. This may seem counterintuitive since the letter will likely request some action on your part, but it is important that you not make a move without the advice of an attorney.
  • Contact Florida Healthcare Law Firm. Florida Healthcare Law Firm is a boutique law firm that serves medical, dental, and pharmaceutical companies that work directly with patients.

What Are My Options When a Florida Medical Board Complaint Is Filed Against Me?

Your legal team will be able to direct you on which of the following options is best suited to the complaint you are facing. In general, you will usually have 21 days to choose from the following:

  • An informal hearing
  • A formal hearing
  • To waive your rights
  • A settlement agreement

In almost no case is it appropriate to waive your rights entirely. Otherwise, you can choose from the following:

  • Agree that there is truth to the allegations made against you in an informal hearing and ask for leniency.
  • Ask for a trial so you can submit evidence to challenge the allegations made against you in a formal hearing.
  • Accept or negotiate any settlement that may have been offered by the Florida Department of Health.

Florida Medical Board Complaint Response Support

If you have received a letter saying you need to respond to a complaint from the medical board, reach out to us at Florida Healthcare Law Firm for assistance right away.