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Medical Office Space Trends for 2020

medical office space trendsBy: Amanda Bhikhari

As Commercial Real Estate continues to grow, the medical office space is evolving to cater to new trends which affect the practice of medicine as well as the real estate industry as a whole. The healthcare sector is beginning to lean toward efficient spaces, and creating greater availability in spaces.

Energy Efficiency

With equipment, staff and use of extremely sophisticated technology, medical buildings utilize huge amounts of energy.  With the expansiveness of the size of most properties, intense lighting needs, air and temperature control, and high-powered machinery it has been difficult to operate in a low efficiency environment.

Trends show that for 2020 and beyond that is all beginning to change. Commercial real estate is beginning to keep up with the rest of the world’s sustainability efforts, and new technologies such as LED Lighting, solar energy and smart HVAC systems are making it possible to build, run, and power medical office spaces without wasting resources. These also contribute to long term cost savings for the practice or business owner.

Home Design

No longer does a doctors office or medical building have to feel cold, flat and sterile. Medical areas are becoming warmer, with more of a feel for home, focusing on not only the physical Healthcare designs are shifting towards home-like spaces that make patients feel at ease, accepted, and welcomed.

Today’s office waiting rooms are furnished with large plush couches, aromatherapy, calm music, and living plants. It’s all in the details, and today’s medical spaces are meeting patients’ mental, emotional, and physical needs.


Check-in/check-out computer kiosks are speeding up the process, helping to alleviate waiting room congestion and reduce waiting time. Staff will be using more tablets and personal computers, and offices will use intuitive AI software to streamline everyday tasks, analyze data, and deliver more personalized patient experiences. The future of medical offices is all about tech-driven efficiency and productivity.

Outpatient Centers

Outpatient care centers are set to be a big part of 2020. According to a study from Deloitte Insights, hospital inpatient stays have declined 6.6% over the past decade.

In order to meet the needs of today’s patients, small-scale specialized care centers are moving to commercial retail spaces. This brings them closer to patients, enhances accessibility, and helps out-of-facility patients conveniently receive the care and services they need.