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Medical Practice Healthcare Legal Audit

The Florida Healthcare Law Firm is proud to offer to our latest service – The Medical Practice Healthcare Legal Audit

Why have an audit?

State and federal regulators are investing billions to enforce even the most benign violations. We have seen what appears to be an honest, simple mistake lead to investigations by regulatory agencies and the imposition of monetary fines and penalties. The sting of any regulatory sanction is further compounded due to lost patient revenues from your practice because of the time and worry dedicated to dealing with government regulators. The end result is the need to spend tens of thousands of dollars, or more, of attorney fees and consulting fees to help undo the damage. Prevention is better than cure!

How it works:

Our Medical Practice Healthcare Legal Audit is comprehensive and can be performed on site at your facility for your convenience. We will conduct interviews with key staff and take a complete top-to-bottom look at your practice to determine if there are any issues that may cause exposure to actions by various regulatory bodies. In addition to identifying risk areas, we will also look for missed revenue opportunities that you may not be taking advantage of if you are unaware of certain key terms in an agreement. Depending on your individual situation our review can cover the following issues:

State licensing boards
Employment contracts
Managed Care Contracts
State and Federal fraud and abuse laws
Vendor agreements
Equipment leases
Employment Practices to include: wage and hour compliance (overtime); eeoc compliance; employee handbook; proper classification of employees (exempt vs non-exempt); hiring and termination of employees
Other applicable regulatory issues

What you get:

Once our review is completed we will provide you with a written report of our findings and suggest an action plan for correcting any items that we think may expose your practice. Additionally we can develop for your practice a complete compliance program; your guide to ensuring continued compliance. Did you know that having a written compliance program can be a mitigating factor in the assessment of fines and penalties by many regulatory agencies?

Call now to discuss how our Medical Practice Healthcare Legal Audit can help steer your practice in the right direction. We can tailor the audit to meet your specific needs and provide it at a convenient and reasonable flat rate.