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Medical Spa Requirements Florida

Medical spas are a great source of revenue. They can be a unique way to serve clients that are local residents as well as those who are visiting Florida.

Florida is home to many seniors who benefit from med spa services. And out-of-town guests often seek a spa day while on vacation in the state.

Around the world, the med spa market was estimated to be worth about $19.3 million in 2022. Its growth is expected to almost double by 2028.

Before opening a med spa, it’s important to know a little about what is allowed, who can own a medical spa, and how to stay compliant with Florida law.

Who Can Own a Medical Spa in Florida?

Florida law states that anyone can own a medical spa. The law requires that all services be provided by licensed medical professionals who have current certifications in the procedures they are providing.

Essentially, as long as the nonmedical personnel has no input into what services are provided to patients, how they are offered, or which clients receive what treatments, they can run the backend of the business without crossing legal boundaries.

Do You Need a Medical Spa License in Florida?

If a medical spa takes only cash payments (not insurance plans), the owner needs no other licensure in order to run the business.

However, it is essential that every medical provider on staff only perform procedures that are within their scope of practice. For example, if the person is doing microdermabrasion, they need to be licensed and certified to do so. The same goes for other common nonsurgical procedures, such as laser hair removal, injectable dermal fillers, and nonsurgical fat reduction.

What Are the Laws Regulating Medical Spas in Florida?

Yes, there are laws regulating medical spas in Florida, and those laws are frequently changed and updated. The problem with attempting to stay in compliance with the shifts in legislation is that it can become a full-time job on its own.

When trying to run a business and take care of clients, it is almost impossible to immerse yourself in changing medical law at the same time.

The good news is that there is support available that can ensure you keep up with changing regulations without sacrificing time and attention from your business to do so.

Do You Need Help Opening a Medical Spa in Florida?

Florida Healthcare Law Firm is a boutique law firm serving the medical and dental community in southern Florida. No matter where your med spa is or will be located, we can assist you in getting the legal entity set up and help you to understand what is needed to remain in compliance. Call now for more information.