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Should you add hormone therapy to your Medspa?

More and more, patients are seeking the next treatment to ensure wellbeing and the appearance of youth. Of great interest lately is hormone and mineral therapies for hormonal imbalances and optimal performance. But how easy is it to add to an existing Medspa? Well, depending on your structure and service offerings, it could be very simple or require hiring if new staff.

To provide hormone therapy services, a clinic must engage at the very least a nurse practitioner with either autonomous practice or a supervising physician. A physician, physician assistant, or nurse practitioner can prescribe controlled substances to patients. In general, these prescriptions can occur after a telehealth visit with a patient.

Adding such services creates new liabilities due to the injection of controlled substances and pharmacy interactions. The providers must be appropriately licensed and following strict protocols on prescribing controlled substances. The point is, its not a simple add on because prescribing of controlled substances is a very highly regulated and enforced part of healthcare. It is imperative that you have a full understanding of the laws applicable to such services.