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Top Reasons a Doctor Needs a Litigation Lawyer in Florida

Contact Florida Healthcare Law Firm, the finest litigation lawyer in Florida,and learn discover how our financially-savvy attorneys can help you in and out of the courtroom.

Everyone knows that not all attorneys are created equally. As a physician or healthcare facility you can’t rely on a generic attorney. You need the best litigation lawyer in Florida—Florida Healthcare Law Firm. With more than 150 years of collective experience we know healthcare in and out. Moreover, we do not just deal with transactions, we are seasoned courtroom attorneys who can prepare a case and take it to court if necessary. What makes our legal team stand out among the rest is that we are specialists in corporate and financial matters, as well as healthcare regulations, trends and policies. This includes the areas of pharmacy and dentistry.

It’s easy to get legal advice on the internet, but many medical providers can get into trouble without knowing the nitty-gritty of state regulations and reforms. That’s why we recommend consulting with our experienced team—the finest litigation lawyer Florida has to offer. Don’t let legal matters mount up until they threaten your practice, licensure and financial security. The scenarios vary: A patient may have an issue with one of your services. Or you may be the victim of a telehealth claim scam. Or you may be the subject of a complicated ZPIC audit because you have been mistakenly accused of fraud. As a result, your stress level can soar as you try to manage legalities along with patients. Don’t go it alone. We can partner with you.

We make available to you a complete menu of services. Our business law lawyer in Florida can guide you through many legal issues that affect your practice’s daily operations and personnel. For example, our attorneys can help you draft a contract for a new hire or review an existing agreement. Another excellent reason to hire a fiscally-minded attorney is if you are considering opening a health clinic, which will require precise legal eyes to assist with licensure. Are you thinking of leasing new office space? We can advise you before you make a decision. Equal Employment Opportunity questions? Our team has the answers. If you are practicing with other physicians, have you planned for unexpected buy-ins or buy-outs? The latter could hinge on hard assets or deferred compensation, but the key knows how to anticipate this situation. Don’t wait until you are being sued or are stuck without a contract. Contact Florida Healthcare Law Firm today for a free consultation.

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