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3 Types of Transactions That Require a Business Law Lawyer

Business law lawyers play an important role in protecting healthcare organizations. Through their work and expertise, lawyers ensure that executives make their concerns and demands well known. And lawyers also ensure that contracts are solid and clear, so everyone knows what to expect.

While a business law lawyer could help you with almost any type of problem, three issues tend to dominate our work at Florida Healthcare Law Firm.

3 Common Changes We Handle

When you’re working as a business law lawyer in Florida, you’re typically dealing with dozens of different clients with unique wants, needs, and capabilities. But strip away superficialities, and these clients tend to struggle with the same types of issues.

In our office, our business law lawyer team typically helps healthcare organizations with:

  1. Acquisitions. Imagine this: You’ve just read about small pharmacies getting squeezed due to changes in Florida Blue plans. You’d like to buy one of these businesses. A business law lawyer could help you draft up an enticing and enforceable offer.
  2. Partnership shifts. You started your business with a co-owner, and now that person wants to retire. A lawyer could help you craft an exit strategy and draw up new paperwork to change ownership legally.
  3. Mergers. In healthcare, these deals are often huge. For example, the Teledoc and Livongo merger was worth $18.3 billion. A business law lawyer could ensure no mistakes are made in these high-stakes deals.

How to Work With a Business Law Lawyer

A legal professional is there to advise, guide, and protect you. Everything you share is protected. Hire someone you trust, so you can disclose documents and trade secrets freely without worry of theft or retaliation.

In addition to open communication, business law lawyers in Florida appreciate your discretion. If a lawyer is handling your case, don’t talk with the other party or the press. Let your team protect you and do the work you’ve hired them for.

If you’re ready to work with a discrete, professional team of business law lawyers in Florida, contact us at Florida Healthcare Law Firm. We work exclusively within the healthcare field, and we’re ready to start now. Contact us.