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Unlocking Dentistry’s Future: Interstate Compact & Telehealth

By: Amanda Howard, Esq.

Access to dental care is getting a major boost with the implementation of the Interstate Dental Compact. Seven states are currently participating and six states have pending legislation, marking a pivotal moment for dentistry. This means less red tape for dentists wanting to work across state lines. And, it’s happening just as telehealth is taking off in dentistry.

While it may be tough for the average person to imagine how dental services may be provided via telehealth, telehealth is reshaping dental care delivery. One prominent example is remote consultations. Through video conferencing platforms, dentists can now assess patients’ oral health concerns remotely, providing advice, guidance and preliminary diagnoses. This not only improves accessibility for patients in remote areas but also enhances convenience for those with busy schedules. Moreover, teledentistry facilitates continuous care. Patients can receive follow-up consultations and guidance on oral hygiene practices without the need for in-person visits, promoting better oral health management and reducing the risk of complications.

With the compact, dentists can practice in multiple states hassle-free. In a nutshell, the compact + telehealth mean big things for dentists and patients alike. It’s all about breaking down barriers and making sure everyone gets the care they need, no matter where they are.

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