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What Is the Florida Board of Nursing?

The Florida Board of Nursing plays a number of roles in the state of Florida, but all of them have one goal in common: to protect patients from receiving substandard medical care.

For nurses, this can be a positive support system, but it can also mean a lot of unexpected hurdles, paperwork, and stress.

At Florida Healthcare Law Firm, we can help you navigate the system, address issues that may threaten your employment status, and allow you to spend more time focusing on doing your job rather than managing licensure updates or disciplinary requirements.

Here’s what you need to know.

What Does the Florida Board of Nursing Do?

The Florida Board of Nursing does a few things when it comes to ensuring that working nurses are fully qualified to do their jobs. They:

  • Manage the details of licensing and require all Florida nurses to update and maintain their licenses as needed.
  • Monitor nurses who are currently employed in Florida and address any issues that may arise with employers or patients.
  • Discipline nurses as needed if there are measures needed to address wrong action on the job.
  • Educate nurses on what is expected of them on the job and in terms of managing their documentation, ongoing education, and licensure.
  • Rehabilitate nurses who need help getting back to work after disciplinary action.

What Do I Do If I Need a Florida Board of Nursing Re-Examination Application?

If the board of nursing in Florida has determined that you have fallen below the minimum competency level, you may need to apply again for proper licensure, so you can legally be employed as a nurse in the state of Florida.

If you are having difficulties in maintaining licensure and you need help working with the Florida Board of Nursing, we can help.

At the Florida Healthcare Law Firm, we can assist you in determining what documentation and actions are necessary on your part as you work to gain or regain nursing licensure in the state of Florida. We can also assist you in appealing any denials you face.

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