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Why a Business Law Lawyer Will Save You Time Managing Your Practice

To make the smartest financial and operational decisions for your medical practice, contact the area’s sharpest and most experienced business law lawyer at Florida Healthcare Law Firm.

Most physicians agree that managing a medical practice goes far beyond treating patients. The heart and soul of a doctor’s mission is to help people.Yet for many solo practitioners or new physicians, the countless related tasks that come along with managing daily operations can steal precious time better spent with patients. In fact, a whopping 50% of doctors’ time is spent on administrative paperwork. Compare that with only about a quarter of their time treating patients. If you’re like the majority of physicians polled by Forbes, then you likely need a sharp, experienced business law lawyer at Florida Healthcare Law Firm to make sure you’re not only relieved of some of the burden, but you’re also getting it right. Fatigue sets in quickly in the healthcare field, especially during this stressful year. Let us be your system of checks and balances.

With more than 150 years’ collective experience, we are the best business law lawyer Florida has to offer because we specialize in healthcare. We don’t dabble in this field. Our work, our passion and our background are exclusively in the medical arena, so you never have to worry that we don’t understand your concerns or the intricacies you face as you manage your practice or facility. Consider contracts, for example. If you are a new physician or entering a new practice, before you sign on the dotted line, you would be wise to hire our expert legal team to ensure that your best interests are upheld. You need to know understand and negotiate properly. After all, this momentous decision will have major ramifications on future decisions and can be the wisest investment of your time to launch or further your career.

What will our seasoned business law lawyer in Florida look for? Having reviewed and negotiated contracts for countless healthcare clients, we will clarify terminology, check supervisory duties, confirm any pro-rated compensation that you’re due and explore partnership or ownership potential. We’ll even check for pending litigation involving your future employer. These matters can best be handled by a solid legal team that works solely with healthcare professionals. In addition, we can help you negotiate a managed care contract, provide legal advice on telemedicine, help you start a treatment center, protect you when you buy or sell a practice and defend you against a ZPIC audit. We can even counsel you on hiring and firing issues. Be sure you make the best decisions and hire Florida Healthcare Law Firm.