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ZPIC Audit Avoidance for Home Health Providers

zpic audit medicareBy: Matthew Fischer

Medicare beneficiaries are generally entitled to coverage for care received by a home health agency.  However, home health providers can expose themselves to large overpayment demands from Zone Program Integrity Contractors (ZPIC audit) if the face-to-face (FTF) encounter requirements for home health certification are not strictly followed.  On an increasing basis, FTF encounters have been the target of ZPIC review.  Providers view this position as an effort to use home health agencies to police the industry.  On the other hand, contractors see this as part of their mission to identify cases of suspected fraud and recoup inappropriate payments.  Thus, it is imperative that home health providers fully understand the requirements in order to withstand contractor scrutiny.

FTF encounters are required to be conducted no more than 90 days prior to or within 30 days after the start of home health care.  Most importantly, increased scrutiny is being placed on who performs the FTF encounter.  Under Medicare regulations, only the 1) certifying physician, 2) physician who cared for the beneficiary in an acute or post-acute facility, or 3) qualified non-physician practitioner (e.g. nurse practitioner) working in collaboration with a certifying physician or acute/post-acute physician may perform a FTF encounter.  Additionally, the entity performing the FTF encounter cannot be employed by or have a financial relationship with the home health agency.

In tandem with provider requirements, documentation requirements are another favorite area of inquiry.  Specifically, the certifying physician and/or acute/post-acute care facility medical records must include the actual clinical note for the FTF encounter visit.  When pre or post-payment reviews are conducted by ZPICs, reviewers are looking for 1) whether the encounter occurred within the required timeframe, 2) whether the encounter was related to the primary reason the beneficiary needs home health services, and 3) whether the encounter was performed by an allowed provider type.

With reimbursement reductions set for the future and the introduction of CMS’ recent proposed rule to change the home health groupings model, it is important for home health agencies to ensure all requirements are met to avoid denials of payment.  Through strict adherence to the regulations, home health providers will be able to retain revenue and avoid the costs of dealing with drawn out ZPIC audit document requests and appeals.  However, if an unfavorable review results or demand letter is received from a ZPIC audit, providers should seek experienced counsel to mitigate any potential loses and preserve their bottom line.

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