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4 Things a Litigation Lawyer in Florida Does for You Outside the Courtroom

litigation lawyer floridaA litigation lawyer in Florida represents you in courtroom proceedings. But your lawyer handles many other tasks for you, including work that begins months before your court date. Learn more here.

Watch enough courtroom-drama television, and you may believe that a litigation lawyer in Florida spends all day in court questioning witnesses and pleading with judges. 

The opposite is true.

Litigation lawyers do represent you in courtrooms. The staff at the Florida Healthcare Law Firm, for example, is often in court fighting for the rights of our clients. But much of our work happens outside the court.

Here are four tasks we tackle for our clients that you may not know about: 

  1. Talk With Witnesses.

As the United States Department of Justice explains, witness preparation can help lawyers avoid nasty surprises during trials

We may contact witnesses to:

  • Ask about the facts. Who did what, and when did it happen?
  • Corroborate opinions. How does a specialist in the field analyze the episode?
  • Explain relationships. What does this person know about you and your past?
  1. Firm Up the Facts. 

Healthcare cases are often complex, and emotions can run high. Unless a litigation lawyer in Florida digs into what really happened, that professional could allow a case to come to court that should have been immediately dismissed

Looking over charts, paperwork, and case files is absolutely critical. The work can also be time-consuming.


  1. File Motions. 

Paperwork starts the trial process. But as lawyers prepare, they exchange documents about the witnesses expected, evidence uncovered, and more. Your lawyer may also file paperwork about settlements and pleas, if that’s appropriate. 

  1. Study the Other Party’s Data. 

While your litigation lawyer in Florida is working hard, your opponent’s team is doing the same. At one point, the two sides will trade data. Your team should study the approach the other side has prepared, and you should be coached accordingly. 

If you’re seeking  a litigation lawyer in Florida with healthcare expertise, we’d like to talk with you. Contact us at Florida Healthcare Law Firm.