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Florida Medical License Renewal

In the state of Florida, medical professionals are required to renew their licenses every two years.

The idea is to ensure that the individual is still capable of performing their job, remains current on training and other relevant certifications, and has no outstanding issues in terms of investigations or job performance.

The medical license renewal process in Florida is relatively simple in most cases, but if there are any outstanding issues or unresolved questions, it can take some maneuvering to finalize the renewal.

Keep It Simple: Renew Your Florida Medical License Online and Early

As long as you do not have to change the status of your license, your license status is not “Military, Active,”, “Delinquent, Active,” or “Delinquent, Inactive,” you should not have a problem renewing your license online. Simply follow the link for your profession on the Florida Board of Medicine website to complete the process online.

Additionally, if you choose to renew your medical license in Florida before it expires, you have the benefits of getting the lowest fee options available.

Should you attempt to renew your license after your license expires, the fee can more than double, and if you try to new your Florida medical license more than 120 days after expiration, at which point you are considered Notified Delinquent, the fee can rise another 25 percent.

Requirements for Renewing Via a Florida Medical License by Mail

If you’re “Military, Active,” need to change your name on your license, need to change your status, or need to pay with a check or cashier’s check rather than a credit card, you can apply for medical license renewal by mail.

All the same dates and deadlines apply, so it’s important to keep that in mind when you choose the timing to mail the application for renewal, leaving enough time for it to arrive in advance of the deadline.

Florida Medical License Renewal Requirements

Whether you file online or by mail, you will need the correct forms, fully filled out and signed, as well as the required fee, including late fees if applicable.

However, if your status is currently “Delinquent, Active” or “Delinquent, Inactive,” your process will be slightly more complex.

You will need to contact the Florida Board of Medicine to discuss the details of your case and what is required of you going forward. Depending on the issue causing your status disruption, you may need to take classes, acquire referral letters, work with a mentor, or provide other services.

If you have already completed the requirements necessary to clear your status and renew your medical license, it may be just a matter of documenting your compliance to move forward.

Help With Medical License Renewal in Florida

If you are running up against obstacles getting your medical license renewed in Florida and you need help, reach out to Florida Healthcare Law Firm today and find out how we can help you expedite the process.