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Florida medical malpractice insurance

Health care issues require a healthcare law firm like We deal only with healthcare businesses and professionals such as physicians in private practice, healthcare centers, and home health professionals.

When it comes to Florida medical malpractice insurance there are some specific requirements as it relates to the state:

  • Physicians must carry up to $100,000 in malpractice coverage
  • Physicians who have hospital staff privileges need to have up to $250,000 in malpractice coverage
  • There are exceptions or “loopholes” that can allow physicians to work with no Florida medical malpractice insurance.

With the current rules and regulations being somewhat ambiguous, it may be difficult to ascertain what kind of coverage you need, if any at all.

For example, Florida health professionals can “go bare” and work without any medical malpractice insurance if they meet certain criteria.

Historically, Florida has been a state with a high number of medical malpractice suits which raises the cost of insurance dramatically.

How do you navigate the rules and regulations of Florida medical malpractice insurance? How would you know if you need it, and how much you need?

The healthcare business experts at Health Care Law Firm can help.  Our team specializes in healthcare business transactions, healthcare business operations, and asset protection. This comprehensive suite of services can get you in position to manage your business all the while knowing your assets are protected.

Asset protection can be obtained through a variety of pre-planning techniques and is recommended for anyone who works in a profession that is routinely sued pursuant to malpractice complaints.

As the need for Florida medical malpractice insurance increases, more healthcare professionals are looking for effective ways to protect themselves. Mistakes happen and unfortunately, when a mistake is made in the medical field it often times leads to a lawsuit. The only things you can do is to try your best to avoid these mistakes and make sure that you have great legal representation for when they are made. A good attorney is not going to wait for a problem to occur, they are going to help you prepare well before anything happens. Here’s how that’s done:

  • Know how to document: When lawsuits occur, everything is looked at. You want everything well document, every medication, procedure, meeting, phone call and so forth. The more documentation you have, the easier the process will be for you because less is left to speculation. You are able to prove that you did your job to the best of your abilities.
  • Know what to and what not to say: Your attorney will advise you on what to say and also what not to say. Sometimes, things can be taken out of context and create more problems for you. Your counselor will advise you on how to handle contact with patients, doctors, insurance companies and anyone else.
  • Keep working: The most important thing is that you keep working and allow these legal issues to be handled by a professional. You cannot put everything on hold because of a malpractice issue which is why a good attorney can take a lot of the pressure off of you.

The Florida Healthcare Law Firm is here to help with any Florida medical malpractice insurance questions you have as well as to help you prepare for what to expect before, during and after a lawsuit. Contact us today and schedule an appointment with a lawyer to learn more.

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