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How Can a Business Law Lawyer Assist a Healthcare Firm? 2 Examples

business law lawyer floridaHealthcare organizations often need a business law lawyer to help with the nitty-gritty of running a business. For example, you may need an attorney like this to help you buy a facility or add to your staff. Learn more.

As a healthcare professional, you spend your time putting patients first. You may have a hands-on role as a doctor or nurse. Or you may have an administrative role. No matter what you do, a business law lawyer could be critical to your success. 

Our firm offers some of the best business law lawyers in Florida. Healthcare is our only focus. If you need help, we’d love to hear from you. 

These are just two examples of how we’ve helped our healthcare clients recently. 

Add a Facility to Your Organization 

You’ve decided to add a pharmacy, clinic, or hospital to your roster. You must have a qualified business law lawyer. 

During the transaction, your lawyer can:

  • Research. Find out more about the business, the employees, and the agreements that tie everything together. 
  • Negotiate. Pay the right price for the facility, and ensure that your contract is solid. 
  • Administer. File the proper paperwork with regulatory agencies, and ensure you have needed licenses. 

The work is delicate, and it’s best left to business law lawyers in Florida who can represent you appropriately. 

Add Staff to Your Team 

Many physicians are moving from private practice into healthcare organizations. In fact, in 2019, more doctors worked for others than owned their own practices. 

You may also need more nurses, pharmacists, and other professionals to serve your patient base. 

A business law lawyer can help to negotiate those critical employment contracts so you’re not paying these professionals too much or too little. The lawyer can also research the potential hire, so you’re not taking on a risky person that could torpedo your reputation. 

Employment contracts are legal documents, and it’s best to work with a business law lawyer so you remain protected. 

If you’re hoping to find an experienced set of business law lawyers in Florida, contact us at Florida Healthcare Law Firm. We’re ready to help you today.