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All You Need to Know About IV Hydration Therapy Certification

In the state of Florida, only those healthcare professionals who have completed training and certification in IV therapy may provide IV hydration therapy services regardless of the setting.

For in-home care providers as well as those working in nursing homes, hospitals, and other medical settings that provide emergency or ongoing care for chronic illness, achieving and maintaining certification in IV hydration therapy can open doors for employment.

Options in IV Hydration Therapy Courses

In the state of Florida, a 30-hour training course that provides both didactic training and skills training is required in order to become certified in IV hydration therapy.

In some cases, it may be possible to take the didactic portion (the academic classes that teach you everything you need to know about IV hydration therapy) online. However, all skills portions of the certification are required to be completed in person because you will need to practice starting an IV.

Because you are new to IV hydration, even if you have experience as a phlebotomist, the skills portion of certification must be completed under the supervision of someone who already has a current and valid IV hydration therapy certification. They will need to physically watch you complete the requirements of the training and sign off on your completion of the course.

Creating an IV Hydration Therapy Business Plan

Requests for in-home IV hydration therapy for patients with chronic illness or long-term care needs are growing in Florida and across the country.

Starting an IV hydration therapy business that travels to the homes of individuals who need treatment can be a positive way to serve the community and to create a sustainable business that helps you to maintain employment and provides employment to others as well.

There are a number of requirements for opening and maintaining an IV hydration therapy business that is in compliance with the state of Florida. While it may initially seem like a complex process, the support of a legal team who can help you understand what is required and on what timeline will help you to streamline the process.

Additionally, legal professionals in healthcare can assist you in the process of providing all the required documentation and forms, handle inspections, and keep up with deadlines so you never lose money or compliance status due to paperwork issues.

Starting an IV Hydration Therapy Career

If you are interested in starting an IV hydration therapy business or beginning to provide these services to increase your scope of practice, we can help. If you are currently certified as an IV hydration therapist, and you have questions about maintaining legal compliance in the state of Florida, reach out to Florida Healthcare Law Firm today.