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What Is Religious Exemption Form in Florida?

Getting a religious exemption form in the state of Florida may be the first step to avoid having your child vaccinated if it is required at an educational or other institution for attendance. The process for getting religious exemption in Florida will vary for adults compared to children, so it’s a good idea to know the options before getting started.

What Is the Florida Religious Exemption Form?

The Florida Religious Exemption form DH 681 is a document that allows parents to opt out of having their child receive certain vaccinations required by Florida state law due to religious beliefs.

To be eligible for a religious exemption, the parent or guardian must have a sincerely held religious belief that conflicts with the administration of one or more vaccinations to their child. They must then apply for a religious exemption by completing and signing the Florida Religious Exemption form DH 681 and submitting it to the school or childcare facility where their child is enrolled.

This form must be re-submitted each school year and/or when the child changes schools or childcare facilities.

The form is relatively simple. The only information required are identifying information of the child and a statement from the parent of their sincerely held religious belief that conflicts with the administration of one or more vaccinations.

Is a Religious Exemption the Only Way to Circumvent Vaccination Requirements in Florida?

If the parent or guardian does not have a sincerely held religious belief that conflicts with the administration of one or more vaccinations, the child may still be eligible for a medical exemption. A medical exemption requires a statement from a licensed physician stating that the child has a medical condition that precludes them from receiving one or more vaccinations.

Is There a Florida Religious Exemption Form for Adults?

There is no specific religious exemption form for adults in Florida. However, adults in Florida have the right to decline vaccinations based on religious beliefs under state law.

In order to decline a vaccine for religious reasons, an adult may need to submit a written statement outlining their sincere religious beliefs to the healthcare provider administering the vaccine or to the employer if the vaccine is being required as a condition of employment.

Difficulty Securing a Vaccine Exemption

While there are steps in place to help people secure an exemption to a vaccine based on religious or medical issues, the process does not always run smoothly. If you are struggling with the vaccination exemption process in your clinic or healthcare business due to a patient’s actions or if you are in a lawsuit based on your company’s requirements for vaccination, Florida Healthcare Law Firm can help you protect your rights.

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