How to Start a Durable Medical Equipment Business


Durable medical equipment companies provide a much-needed service in Florida, helping individuals to care for themselves and families to attend to their loved one’s medical needs in the home setting.

Here’s how you can get started setting up a new DME company.

What Is a DME Company?

A DME company, or durable medical equipment company, sells or rents medical or health care items to families that need them for an extended period of time.

Things like hospital beds, glucose and other monitors, and wheelchairs fall into this category.

Because these items are usually covered by insurance or Medicare, a DME company must be able to work with insurance companies and directly with families to help them get the products they need and that their insurance will pay for.

What Do I Need to Start a Durable Medical Equipment Business?

  • DME license: A DME license is required by the state of Florida for any person or company that sells durable medical equipment.
  • Home Medical Equipment Application Form: This form must be completely filled out accurately and submitted on behalf of each and every DME business location (even if all locations are owned by the same person or entity).
  • Background screening: A Level 2 background check will need to be passed by all who open a DME business in Florida.
  • Licensed Florida healthcare attorney: In addition to the basic Home Medical Equipment Application form, there may be additional forms and addendums that may be required, depending on the situation. An attorney can ensure that you waste no time and are in full compliance with regulations and deadlines.

Where Can I Find Help Setting Up My DME Business?

Not only can Florida Healthcare Law Firm help you with the application process as you set up your durable medical equipment business, but we can assist in setting up the business structure, filing for trademarks, and creating a business entity in the state of Florida. Call now to get started.

DME Regulation: The Government’s CID Powers are not Unlimited

dme regulation

dme regulationBy: Matt Fischer

The Department of Justice (DOJ) has recently aimed its investigatory efforts under the False Claims Act (FCA) to the durable medical equipment (DME) industry.  One area of DME regulation focus has been on diabetic shoe and insert manufacturers.  In its arsenal of investigative tools, the DOJ has the ability to issue Civil Investigative Demands (CIDs).  However, there are limits to the DOJ’s investigatory powers.  If a CID is received, DME suppliers need to be aware of the limitations placed on the government and what initial steps need to be taken. Continue reading

Pharmacy or DME: The Time is Ripe to Become Both

pharmacy dme

pharmacy dmeBy: Michael Silverman

People looking to enter the direct-to-consumer medical supply business often question whether becoming a pharmacy or durable medical equipment provider (DME) is a “better” endeavor.

Now, more than ever, due to industry changes and because of the synergies between the two, the answer is “ become both.”

Think about it.Continue reading

Chiropractic Practice Expansion: The DMEPOS Licensure Process

florida physician self-referral statute

DMEPOS LicenseBy: Michael Silverman

Adding Durable Medical Equipment Prosthetics & Orthotics Supplies (“DMEPOS”) to a Chiropractic Practice is a great way to not only increase revenues, but most importantly it is a great way to increase overall patient satisfaction and care.

Providing patients with easy access to DMEPOS allows for more comprehensive care, enabling providers to help further stabilize injuries, maximize patient recoveries, and minimize patient down time. Many existing patients are already buying and utilizing DMEPOS such as back braces, so there is an opportunity to provide that additional supervision and care through an existing practice.

Examples of DMEPOS that would complement a Chiropractic Practice and which patients are likely already using:Continue reading

DME License, Operation and More in Florida – a Brief Legal Look

DME operationBy: Susan St. John

So you are considering starting a home medical equipment aka durable medical equipment (HME or DME) business to provide products and services to patients in Florida (and perhaps in other states, but that’s a topic for another day). In addition to deciding what products and/or services you are going to provide and your physical location, there a few things you need to know, steps to be taken, and information to be collected, to apply for an HME/DME license in Florida to get up and going.

The Basics

Florida defines an HME provider as “any person or entity that sells or rents or offers to sell or rent to or for consumers, any HME and service or HME that requires HME services.” Section 400.925(7), Florida Statutes. Further, HME “includes any product as defined by the Food and Drug Administration’s Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, any products reimbursed under the Medicare Part B Durable Medical Equipment benefits, or any products reimbursed under the Florida Medicaid durable medical equipment program. HME includes oxygen and related respiratory equipment; manual, motorized, or customized wheelchairs and related seating and positioning, but does not include prosthetics or orthotics or any splints, braces, or aids custom fabricated by a licensed health care practitioner; motorized scooters; personal transfer systems; and specialty beds, for use by a person with a medical need.” Section 400.925(6), Florida Statutes.Continue reading