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Your Next Healthcare Regulatory Compliance Audit Can Be a Breeze

health care law attorney FloridaIt’s possible to keep your patients’ best interests first and have a stress-free healthcare regulatory compliance audit with the expert help of Florida Healthcare Law Firm, seasoned leaders in the field of medical business legalities.

How many medical practitioners look forward to their next healthcare regulatory compliance audit? Not many…probably because just about everything a physician or hospital needs to do requires following state and federal requirements. The road to comply can be a bumpy one, but it doesn’t have to be when you have a legal coaching staff on the sidelines to guide you through the entire playbook. That’s were Florida Healthcare Law Firm comes in. Our toolbox is deep. In particular, one area that we can navigate for you is the complicated state and federal anti-kickback statutes (patient brokering act). Self-referrals can be a sticky situation. Don’t be caught in a position that jeopardizes your reputation or your practice. We can give you our legal opinion, a brief explanation of the regulations or a full-blown analysis. In addition to anti-kickback advice, we can make sure you’re adhering to guidelines for fee-splitting, fraud and abuse, HIPAA and emergency medical treatment. We cross every ‘t’ and dot every ‘i’ to ensure you’re following the rules.

Sometimes, as a medical professional, you might not even know which issues are on the front-burner. You’re swimming in a sea of paperwork that’s squeezing out precious time caring for patients. In this case, you need the best health care law attorney Florida can offer, with 150 years’ combined experience on your side. We know how to weed out the top-tier issues. We understand their significance and can set up a legal plan for your practice or facility, so you don’t get caught playing catch-up. For payor problems to telehealth, hiring, firing, technology, pharmacy, dentistry, even acupuncture, we’ve got your back. Look to us not only for expertise, but for complete transparency, unparalleled value, warmth, respect, creativity and total responsibility for our actions and decisions. Why else would we guarantee success or your money back? Contact Florida Healthcare Law Firm and see how we exceed clients’ expectations every time.